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Multidisciplinary team. Sustainable biotechnology. Our R&D+i team is highly compromised with the research and the development of new formulas. We discover, test and use the active ingredients and raw materials that best adapt to our projects. In addition, we use cutting-edge technology. This combination allows us to develop safe, efficient products with the highest quality in order to achieve our clients’ total satisfaction.
We innovate in health and wellbeing.
We are specialists in the research, development and innovation of food complements and selfcare products that promote preventive health and natural wellbeing. We create innovative formulas with carefully selected raw materials and new active ingredients of the highest quality.
In Laboratorios Best Medical, we are strongly committed to innovation and development,
which is the key to our success and what makes us grow in a sustainable way.

1. Idea

Share your idea with us. We turn your dreams into projects, and your projects into real solutions.


We develop formulas according to each client’s specifications. These formulas are completely customised and exclusive.


We give advice regarding new trends and regulatory formulas, as well as the product’s presentation for market launch.


We focus on our clients in order to give them solutions for their business thanks to our capacity to manufacture products that adapt to each project’s necessities in each moment. We make proposals from our clients’ expectations and we make an effort to create differentiating formulas that add value to their products.

We provide the dosage form more adequate for our clients’ projects of food supplements and cosmetics, always taking into consideration the current legislation, the use, the dosage and the posology. Our R&D+i experts develop more than 200 products every year, which contributes to excellent results.

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Integrated policy of food and environmental safety.

Laboratorios Best Medical has the certification for Quality and Environmental Management Systems (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004). Moreover, we have an Integrated policy of quality, food safety and environmental safety, in addition to the homologation ISO 22716 on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the storage, manufacturing and importation of cosmetics.

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